Thermal Circuit

Enjoy our Spa, a true sanctuary of relaxation and beauty while you enjoy the amazing views of the mountains from Asturias.

Spa Les Agües

To make your stay perfect and relaxing, our Hotel features a ful spa with several shifts limite to a maximum imput of people, and offer the best service in our establishment.


Another advantage we offer is access to children under twelve, so that the whole family can enjoy a relaxing family time. Place your specials shifts.


Do not forget to book. 


Fares and promotions

Monday to sunday 
Spa circuit 2 people 1h 30 min. 50 €
Spa circuit 1 person 1h 30 min. 25 €
Children spa circuit (Under 12 years old. Check hours) 1h 30 min. 15 €




Monday to thursday ( other days on request)
Water Taste and ... Dreams (spa + breakfast or snak) 2 people 1h 30 min. 50 €
Les Agües y El Balcón de Torazo ( spa + menú) 2 people 1h 30 min. 80 €
Sidrea en Les Agües ( spa + Asturian menu pecking) 2 people 1h 30 min. 70 €




5 sessions of spa circuit 65 €
10 sessions of spa circuit 120 €