It looks at the north, Torazo waits for you

Hostería de Torazo
Plaza de la Sienra, 1
Torazo, Asturias 33310
Tel. 985 898 099
Fax 985 898 056

Cabranes is placed in the zone oriental center of Asturias, Plain amid mountains form a part of the Region called of the Cider, close to the councils of Villaviciosa, Colunga, Bimenes and Sariego. It is, so, closely together of the principal road links (A-8 and N-634) from Plain amid mountains, Infiesto and Villaviciosa and to a step of the principal populations of the center of Asturias.

By road

For the A-8

Acceding so much from the East (Santander), since of the West (Gijon, Corunna), it would be necessary to go out of the highway in "VILLAVICIOSA", gone out number 356. In the rotunda, take the first exit (direction Villaviciosa), entering Villaviciosa's locality until a Church coming to a crossing in which it is. In the same crossing, to turn to the right and to continue without turning aside, going out of the locality. We continue for a straight long billiard cue towards the AS-255, spending the localities of Amandi, Vegapallía, Viñón, The Work, Casa'l Ríu and The Trowel; continue without turning aside up to the Kilometric point 11 (The Curciada), in which it turns aside to the left side, and 1 continues ' 9 km up to coming to Torazo's locality, where one finds the hotel. 

For the N-634

Accediendo desde el Oeste (Oviedo), tomar la salida número 14 de la A-64 (“LIERES / NAVA / INFIESTO / ARRIONDAS”); continuar por la N-634, pasando las localidades de Quintana, Nava, Ceceda y Carancos, sin desviarse hasta el punto Kilométrico 365, entrando a la izquierda, a la AS-255 (“SANTA EULALIA DE CABRANES / VILLAVICIOSA”). Continúe sin desviarse hasta llegar al punto Kilométrico 11, en “La Curciada”, donde se desvía a la derecha y continúe 1’9 Km hasta llegar a la localidad de Torazo, en donde se encuentra el hotel.

Acceding from the West (Oviedo), the exit taking number 14 of the A-64 (" LIERES / PLAIN AMID MOUNTAINS / INFIESTO / ARRIONDAS "); to continue for the N-634, spending Quintana's localities, Plain amid mountains, Ceceda and Carancos, without turning aside up to the Kilometric point 365, entering to the left side, to the AS-255 (" HOLY EULALIA OF CABRANES / VILLAVICIOSA "). Continue without turning aside up to coming to the Kilometric point 11, in " The Curciada ", where it turns aside to the right and 1 continues ' 9 Km up to coming to Torazo's locality, where one finds the hotel.

HelipuertoHelipuerto Hostería de Torazo

Our heliport allows us to have another route of transport and communication, of great usefulness for cases of emergency and clients' access VIP, to whom a special discretion corresponds.

Thanks to our Heliport, also it will be able to realize very exclusive excursions in helicopter, as additional service. Consult in our hotel the prices and characteristics.